Waiting and Hoping

The act of waiting is not new for God’s people. Since Adam and Eve were removed from the Garden of Eden, we have been waiting to be rescued, delivered, and redeemed. Abraham and Sarah waited for a child, the Israelites waited to be delivered from Egypt, David waited to be King, Joseph waited to be reunited with his father, Paul waited 14 yrs to begin his ministry, and Jesus waited patiently while he was falsely accused. 

The Old Testament believers were waiting on the Messiah. The New Testament believers (us) wait on Jesus return and a day when all things will be made new… no more tears, pain, or sin! Our hope is in Jesus and that he has already defeated sin and death, now we wait for it to be complete by his return. 

We will always be tempted to turn to our sin, the things we can see, and falsely place our hope in temporary pleasures. Israel did it (Psalm 106:13-15, 24-27), Abraham did it, David did it, the Thessalonians were doing it, Peter’s church was tempted to turn to sin when threatened with persecution, Paul urges the Hebrews to turn to holiness not sin when they are persecuted and we will be tempted to sin under stress, anxiety, and persecution. 

In light of the warnings that we have throughout scripture, in that we are prone to go our own way, I hope you will join me in reflecting on these scriptures this week. 

1 Thessalonians 5

2 Peter 3

Hebrews 2

The first 2 scriptures teach us what to focus on and the third teaches us why Jesus is our living hope… he was tempted, but he defeated our sin for us! 

Thank God that he is patient! May we always be growing in his grace! 

Always praying for you! 


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